Getting it off my chest

I love the social freedom of a flat chest.

Do I really gain any freedom with this flat chest? I’ve no idea. Heck, I’m so far into my own head that I imagined sucking noises when Dr. H pulled my drainage tubes out.

But here’s my perception of my reality.

I can touch my chest without feeling weird. I can touch it anywhere!

I can walk around topless without feeling weird.

I can wear any top I want to and I don’t have to worry about whether it will impact how people perceive me sexually.

I can hug men without worrying about either of us becoming aware of my boobs squished between us.

I can bend over and pick things up. I had to squat and reach before. I know that’s better for my back, but it’s not always easy — because I have this tight achilles thing going on, I would very often fall backward on my butt in the process.

I can lean over students’ desks and look at their work without fear that someone might get a look down my shirt.

And you know what? Both my husband and I think my lingerie still looks great on me.



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