Spirits and Spooks

I went for a run this morning. I run now with the freedom and agility of a child.

When you channel a bit of fear and adrenaline into a strong, easy run — it’s ectasy. Your soul reaches outside the confines of your body — as I jog, I can taste the cool wet bark on the trees. I can smell things living in the mud. I can hear the joy of the leaves blowing above my head in the wind.


So I come inside after my run, flushed and happy.

That lasts 30 seconds.

I immediately start patting down my chest and checking for bubbles or odd shapes. Am I swelling anywhere? Is anything leaking? Are there fluid bubbles under the skin anywhere?

After all, I (GASP!!) {{{{{EXERCISED!}}}}}}}

There’s a BIG LUMP on my left side, at the bottom of my rib cage!

I make Francois come in and look at it. I make him feel it.

“Well,” he says finally, “I guess I can see a difference, your sides are a bit asymmetrical, but maybe that’s normal?”

“Let me look at you!” I urge.

He pulls up his shirt and sucks in his gut so I can see his ribs.


Sure enough, one side hangs slightly lower than the other and give the impression of slightly poking out.

I’ve just not SEEN my chest since I was 11 — and, uh, there’s a lot of new unfamiliar territory!!

Geez! What are you all going to do with me??


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