Gnomes on my bones

Neulasta is a drug I take the Monday after Friday chemo treatments. It’s supposed to keep my white blood cell count up. The side effect is bone pain.

The bone pain isn’t that bad. But it’s irritating.

It feels like very tiny gnomes are walking around on the surface of my bones with itsy-bitsy axes. Every once in awhile they just stop and slam their miniscule axe into the bone they happen to be standing on. Then they go on their way and find another spot. Tiny spots of pain that are constantly on the move.

For the most part, it’s not too bad. The facial bones can smart. And then last night a whole group of them decided to have a party among the small bones in my feet.

My right ovary is a battleground. I’m thinking there must be some serious cell killin’ going on down there. The microscopic infantrymen fighting it out down there have rifles. They’re bloody noisy and messy. It makes for an
interesting mittelschmerz, that’s for sure.

I still find I feel better if i keep moving. I’ve been walking, running, swimming and teaching. That all feels good. But sitting at the computer in longer than five minute spells is a bit uncomfortable. Not bad. Just uncomfortable.


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