Chemo 3

Chemo 3 went well.

I’ve felt good and energetic all day. Took a nap while Delphine and Paul watched a movie at 6pm.

Delphine is sick — fever, headache and diarrhea. Dr. Wahl (oncologist) tells me viruses aren’t really a problem for me. They might feel a bit worse because I might not be as strong as usual, but other than that, I don’t need to fear them more than Francois would need to fear them.

I found another lump under my right arm. Could be fat necrosis. Might be a missed cancerous lymph node. All of the swimming and physical therapy finally has the nasty cording and stiff tissue in my armpit down to a size where I could feel around. So I don’t know if this has been there since the surgery or just appeared.

So… The cycle starts again. I go to the breast center tomorrow at 1pm for an ultrasound. Then I see my breast surgeon in the next days to discuss what’s going on and our treatment options.

I’m not too worried about it. But I’m distracted.

I guess worry entails so many questions with unknown answers — and now, even though the possible consequences could still be very scary, we know most of the answers to most of our own questions — Including the BIG ‘what if’ questions. Francois and I know our answers.

Thank GOD there’s only a week left of teaching! I’ve no more mental or emotional energy for work this week.

OK — Now for the funny stuff. I messed up on the Emend prescription because I didn’t remember to order it early enough and there’s a ton of paperwork required by my insurance. So since I thought I might barf up everything tonight, I indulged in junk food — Pumpkin Spice Latte (Venti size!!) and a big mac and small fries. My taste buds were failing fast. By the time I got to the end of my big mac, all I could taste was salt — and that was a kind of cold feeling, not a real ‘salt’ taste.

I figured it wouldn’t do too much harm if it all came back up (LOL).

Mint cookies feel cool on my tongue — but again, no taste.

So taste buds are now officially offline.

And I think I’m going to have to deal with the junk food binge in the old fashioned way — with exercise!!!


My head is smooth and beautiful — but I still have hair on my knee!!!

Eyebrows are thinning somewhat.




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