OK.  I’ve changed my mind.  I could have met all of those amazing people, developed those great relationships and grown well without cancer.

Today, embraced by the love of Francois, Janis and Medora in our private corner of the Pho resteraunt, I called and got the news.
Multiple nodes in the lungs.  Largest are 1.3 and 1.4 centimeters.
Multiple areas of bone infiltration.  But one vertebrae is completely filled and the cancer is starting to move into the spinal chord.
Two large lesions on the liver – with another small lesion starting.
Treatment will be aggressive, with chemo and probably a procedure to get that vertebrae solidified.
We talked about how to make the house wheelchair accessible.
Today was filled with intimate laughter — the kind that swings out of sadness and loops our hearts together. 
I could barely hold the sobs back at Delphine’s awards assembly.  Each event will now and forever feel like it could be my last.
So proud of her.  She earned multiple academic awards — from the Spanish consulat for her performance on their national exam, from President Obama for  her 3-year straight-A record, and she was one of 4 students over 220 to win the Academic Excellence Award.
So pained today — the kind of pain that can only bleed from love and joy.


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