Papa? He asks through tears. If we all have to die, why do we even live? What’s the point? Why don’t we just all die now?

This is a story that makes me happy and will make you cry.  Many of you, at least.
This week I have been down in Eugene, spending time with my mom, giving my sister and her boys a well-earned break.  It’s provided the first space where Francois, Delphine and Paul are together without me.
Paul hasn’t been sleeping well lately.  He claims all sorts of different ailments — too hot, bad dreams, headache.  
But the first night I was away, he came down to Papa’s room in tears and said he was afraid “Maman is going to die” and afraid that he would grow up and get cancer.
Francois was so sweet and good with him.  Honest, but hopeful.   There are some great medicines now for cancer and we are very hopeful these will work with Maman’s cancer.  And when you grow up, there will be even better drugs.  Hugs.  Stories.
The next night, Paul came down in tears again.  This time with a profound question.  Why do we have to die?  Why do we live?  If we all have to die, why don’t we just all die right now?  What’s the point?
And Francois is such a good parent.    He is awed by the question.  He shares his wonder at the question with Paul.  They talk about the many different people who have struggled to answer that question.  And they sleep cradled with love and home.
I am so happy Paul is sharing with his Papa.  And I am so happy he has this Papa.  And when I hear these stories, I am content.  I am satisfied and supported.
These are stories of what endures.  


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