I decided on Friday to just go home and have sex with my husband.   It was great.   It was intimate and loving and sensual and fulfilling.

And on Saturday, 24 hours later, I couldn’t walk.

You should all ask yourselves…If tomorrow I were to die, what would I do?  And on Friday, for me, the answer was to make love to my husband.

And then for a week I struggled with radiation and walking and pain…

I am so glad for my choice. 

Then…OK… This might be TMI!! 

Then…my radiologist asked if I have pain in my pubic bone.

I couldn’t think of a pain episode.

But then, later, I realized that I feel HOT.    And that same feeling of “hot” caused me to research last summer whether I might have ovarian cancer or not.  I had pain during sex, bloating, and a “hot” feeling in my pelvis…with, what felt like, the pain of ovuluation. 

So now I know.  It’s cancer in my hip bones.

But if it makes me feel hot?  Whatever.

That same feeling of “hot”…makes me feel…well, HOT!

Take what you can get, right?


2 thoughts on “Sex”

  1. Again, you are my hero. Or heroine, because I am a feminist postess.

    I am so proud that you are dealing with this impossible thing in such a gracious and courageous manner.

    You have always been supremely analytical about yourself and your being. That is holding you in good stead, here.

    Aaaaak no advice! OK. Advice. Be exactly who you are and do exactly what you feel is right.

    When do you feel a visit from your favorite cousin is exactly right and appropriate? Hmmmm?


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