Tumor Markers and Pet Scans

After some fatigue, a bout with pneumonia and some achy bone pain in my back and hips, I was pleasantly surprised by my tumor marker results this December!  My PET scan still shows that new tumors keep appearing and some tumors don’t stop growing — but most of them are staying calm or even reducing.  It means that while my prognosis is still pretty grim (cancer is supposed to react uniformly to treatment.  Having a non-uniform response means my cancer is intelligent like something trained by years of harsh anti-cancer treatments.), I get to stay on a treatment for awhile that has given me the ability to live my life fully.

I feel amazingly healthy and strong.  I am looking forward to taking my son to Disney in February and taking my daughter on a trip soon after.  I hope to travel with my soul mate Francois and then go to France this summer with the entire family.

Much love to all of you.



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