The best thing about news that your tumor markers are slightly up?  The high five with your spouse in a sun filled kitchen and  the  “Bora Bora, here we come!”

Two nights in a row this week I awakened with bone pain in my un-radiated hip and lower back.  My lungs are a bit smoky despite increased strength, stamina and energy.   (Smoky feeling is that feeling you have in your lungs after hanging out all evening in a bar and breathing in second-hand smoke.) And my liver enzymes are up a bit. 

Now, just to be clear, I have been drinking these last two weeks quite a bit.  Memorials and funerals combined with good friends and family made for quite a few indulgent evenings.  And there were a couple of added evenings of just straight up self-pity and bitterness.  (I have an entire entry to write on that.)    It might be my enzymes are up because of these, more traditional abuses. 

But food tastes “normal” again — and I can eat to my fill without issue.  No salty taste.   And wine tasted just fine during those two weeks.   So I think my body has simply adapted to the Affinitor.

Ach, so ist es.

We’ll see after the PET scan.

In the meantime, anyone have any good tips on how to book a good, reasonably priced vacation in Bora Bora?  It’s time Francois and I celebrated a real honeymoon. 


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