Good News!

So what do YOU do the day after chemo?  This morning I arose well rested at 5am.  Greeted a fainting-while-vomiting daughter at 5:30.  Taught the ten year-old how to care for a fainting-vomiting teenager while I went away to teach five hours.   Next I’ll shop for a BLOUSE because I’m taking a red-eye to Philadelphia and apparently everything my lovely soul-sista-cousin Kerstin signed us up to do has a DRESS CODE.   Even the dang dining room at the old folks home where my Aunt and Uncle live.
A boobless woman shopping for a blouse is MUCH MORE COURAGEOUS than the spnning amusement rides and huge family gatherings I written about for previous steriod happy days.  
The post-chemo highs are much less intense now.  My oncologist cut the dose in half.  But they’re still strong enough to be fun.    And the treatment seems to be working.  Tumor markers are down!  
I’ve been thinking big thoughts and planning out more interesting blog posts than this one.  But I forgot that teaching online makes computer time feel less like time off.