The Cliffhanger


So, uh, I come back from my six week chemo break and glorious travels in France and, uh, well, predictably, my tumor markers illustrate that my cancer figured out we’d stopped the Taxol.  My cancer did a little happy dance.  See the red arrow in the graphic above and the line going straight up?

In my gut and my bones, I was certain that the Taxol treatments we started up again needed some time to start punching down that cancer again.  There’s always a delay between what happens in my body and what shows up in my markers.  And Taxol took almost a month to really start working when I started it in mid-February, the first time.

So we kept at it.   And then the tumor markers fell (see the green arrow).  Yeah!

But one measure doesn’t make a pattern.  So I decided to wait before posting about it.

But the next tumor marker measure went up.   But it was still lower than the highest marker point.  Hmmm.   A Cliffhanger.

I had two different blog posts thought out, one to post if the markers went up, another to post if they went down.  The thing is, this is kind of a big deal.  I’ve done really well on Taxol.  It’s a nice turnaround.    When a patient moves from one chemo treatment to the next, the following treatment does not work as well.  It works for a shorter period of time with a less complete response.  So having the Taxol work so well for so long has really been great.  Having it work longer would be even better.

So what happened with the latest tumor markers?

They stayed pretty much even.  So the cliffhanger continues.

Stay tuned….


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