Diapers are Awesome


Putting my first diaper on was like immersing my butt into a warm, loving hug. Why would any toddler want to stop wearing these guys? They are just cuddly comfy.
I thought I was done with the big D, but seems he just likes to lay and wait, lurking in a shadowy corner of my physiologic wellbeing for that moment when my guard is down.

I’m learning, too, that willpower is not a good thing for the physiologically impaired. By the time we figured out we could pull off this trip to Hawaii, I was way behind in my task list. The team of parents caring for my kids didn’t even receive instructions before midnight last night. And this morning, bleary eyed and dried out, I rushed around getting ready to leave and left the house without eating.

My body doesn’t like it when I don’t eat. All that water I’d been trying to down before getting on the plane came gushing out in a surprise attack. No warning! Boom. Like a baby spitting up. Just like that. Note to self: include an empty paper bag in the self-care kit.

Now this happened to be at the ONE moment when Francois had left me with the luggage while he ran off for one last trip to the restroom before boarding. So I’m sitting there helpless in my little puddle with all of the bags at my feet. Thank God it was just water.

But I’m seated now in seat 26D. I’m hydrated. Sipping apple juice along with that water so I don’t overwhelm myself. I had a delicious Beecher’s breakfast sandwich and a small nap.

And I’m on my way to Kauai!


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