"Don't use any big words for a few weeks."
“Don’t use any big words for a few weeks.”

So complain about things getting too hopeful? The cosmos will hit you back with (WHAaa waa WAAAAaaaaa…) BRAIN METASTASES!!

There’s nothing quite so centering as the idea of cancer growing in your brain. Jumping on the trampoline suddenly takes second place behind, oh, you know, SCREWS IN YOUR HEAD.

(I’m really going to milk this, guys. Feel free to send sympathy and shower me with good FOOD. No SALT on my chocolate, though, OK? And I prefer MILK chocolate in times of stress)

Full Disclosure here — The tumors are tiny tiny. There’s four that measure only a few millimeters and one that’s about a centimeter. And there’s something funky that might be hiding behind a vein.

I meet with doctors next week and will have real facts for ya’all. I also plan to take a LOT of pictures of the frame they’re going to SCREW INTO MY SKULL.

And maybe I’ll have someone take some video of me on the sedative I’m going to ask for when they SCREW INTO MY SKULL.

It should all be quite educational and maybe even entertaining. Based on my own research (I have a doctorate in Google Science) it looks like my cancer can managed pretty well with frequent scans and some Gamma knifing when needed.

More cancer is never good news. But it’s not necessarily a game changer.

But have I mentioned they’re going to SCREW A FRAME into my skull? I have to say that freaks me out ALMOST as much as having part of my toenail taken out.

Which went fine. And was painless. And really didn’t make for this impressive photos this whole adventure is going to generate.

And I’m wearing boots to the dog park again.

So the house is full of tired happy puppies.


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