Days of Mist

Suzy Update: Everyday passes by in a haze, she says. Day, hours and minutes lose meaning for time is suspended as she waits for something, yet nothing. She catnaps lightly on and off several times an hour. When she wakes she speaks of her emmense gratitude and love for you all–  but her  clear exhaustion has narrowed her world down to her children and the gentle love and quiet strength of Francois.  Moving from a position is an event of great magnitude, so inertia flourishes. Yesterday was a good day where she happily ate hamburgers. Good days though, she says, extend the waiting. Today is a quiet, sleepy day where a cup of chocolate milk was plenty filling, and the hum and puff of the positive oxygen flow lulls her in and out of oblivion as she waits.


21 thoughts on “Days of Mist”

  1. I am heartbroken that you are leaving, but happy in the knowledge that we will meet again someday. I am praying for peace for you Suzy, and for love and strength for Francois, Delphine, and Paul. May God bless you all. Sending all my love – Stephanie


  2. Blessings dear Suzy. You are an inspiration to everyone you have touched. GodBless you and your loving family. Pat Mesch.


  3. Thank you Suzy for sharing the life journey with us. You and I were in a way yin & yang for a while, between my soccer coaching and you leading the CampFire troop. I will always remember how Delphine’s cleat would fly off at least once a game. I recall the stories of all the snacks you had in the van for the Campfire troop.

    Thank you for your beautiful writing, but even more so sharing your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and perspective on your journey. It’s a journey that we will all take a few times with others, and once for ourselves. Your words are touching and helpful. Thank you, Tom


  4. I’m a friend of your sisters and I’ve been following your blog for a year or so. I think you are very brace and have taught me a thing or two about grace. Thinking of you and yours. Always,
    Kate W


  5. May the grace you have displayed & shared with others return upon you in abundance and with great peace. I have not known you but am blessed nonetheless.


  6. Your courage and words have touched me deeply tonight. You have reached back for me and pulled me up from a deep moment of despair. God bless you on your journey, my friend. You are in my heart.


  7. Suzy, my thoughts and prayers are with you, your family, and other loved ones. I have such powerful memories of life shared with you. Your authenticity and thoughtfulness continue to inspire me. I remember sitting around the campfire together at Goldstream Provincial Park. You shared the palpable experience of the vision you had of an immensely indescribably love that permeated you. I pray that you know that love that continues to surround you now.


  8. Dear Suzy ~ your spunky, bright, inquisitive, courageous self have consistently buoyed and inspired me over the years. It’s been generous and brave of you to share your journey on this blog. I am so glad you are choosing to be with your family instead of vomiting along the road. Much love to you!


  9. My dear friend Suzy, I’m so grateful to know you , you gave me strength throughout the years and believed in me when I did not believed in myself . Your strength and beautiful heart inspired me throughout the years. You’ll always be in a special place in my heart, and with me on my walks through the woods…
    Love you !


  10. Suzy, when my Sophia (now 10) was a toddler in arms, you stopped me in the hall on campus and said that we MUST sign her up for Discovery Lab. I’d never heard of it, but your passion about it spurred me to investigate. Because of YOU, I am now a Discovery Lab instructor! Thank you for this, and COUNTLESS other ways you’ve made a difference in the lives of my family and so many others. ❤


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