Friday Update

This is Serena. Suzy’s been quiet today. She rests in her bed almost all of the time now. We watched a Trevor Noah video where he tore Drumpf apart for abandoning the Paris climate accord. She laughed for a bit before she cried about it. She’s grateful for all of the kind words of support that you all send. 


3 thoughts on “Friday Update”

  1. serena, thanks for the update. if that kind of stuff still matters to her, please give her my love. i think about her every day. i so wish i could change her destiny, and mine. esther (suzy and i met at the harmony hill retreat in january)

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  2. ps i mean if individual well-wishes still matter to her (not just knowing that we all keep her in our thoughts). i am assuming she is ultra-focused on her family now.


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